It's Like a Trip to Goodwill

I gotta toot my own horn here.  I’m good at thrifting.  It’s been a lifetime in the making, but I’m good at it.

I find awesome stuff.   Friends don’t go shopping with me, unless they’re ready to plunk down plenty of money, because I’m like a magnet to great stuff at great prices…and lots of it!  As Monk said, “It’s a gift, and a curse.” is like a trip to Goodwill

  • Have no expectations.  
  • Take the time to look for treasure.
  • Marvel at what you find. 
  • Revel in the value.
  • Use what you discovered and upcycle/repurpose it.

Have no expectations.

Whenever I go to a thrift store I expect nothing.  It's hit or miss.  You have to go often. Sometimes, I know what I'm looking for.  But if I don't find it that's ok, if I do, it's a high.  Usually, I just pop in to look and the loot I scoop is a surprise.

Expectations in marriage can ruin it.  Unrealistic expectations of yourself can be detrimental.  You expect a party to go a certain way, or your hair cut to frame your face just so.  You expected your child to play baseball but they want to do aerial acrobatics instead.  You expected to have 2-4 children, but have had miscarriage after miscarriage.  You expected to be married until death do us part, but a divorce was handed to you...unexpectedly.

Take the Time to Look for Treasure

Thrifting, garage saling, antiquing - it all takes time.  You have to dig through bins, sort through racks and know brands.   It's not Target.  You can't go online, see what's available then run in the store and grab it or scroll through Amazon Prime and have it shipped to you in under two days.

The joy of Goodwill is the hunt, the surprise and the "Aahhhh!" you get when you find a treasure.  Life works out that way too.  Take the time to find treasure in each day.  Often days are rough and filled with what feels like junk, but there IS treasure hiding.  

Look for treasure in people too.  A quadruple shot of God's grace might be needed.  But there is value in each and every soul created and time invested in people is always worth it.  Jesus and people, are all that matter.

Marvel at What You Find

A Marc Jacobs jacket, Cutco knives, an American Girl doll, Coach shoes...these are some of the things we've thrifted.  (Pretty much everything I own is clearance or second hand.)  To this day I am amazed at what you find at a thrift store.

During the journey of life, some pretty amazing people walk beside us, sharing joys and struggles.  Experiences and powerful emotions spice up our world.  Travel takes us to breathtaking views and cultures.  We learn about our own incredible strengths.  We get to watch our own children become vibrant humans.

Revel in the Value

Whether the item is a steal because of the brand, price or rarity or perhaps it meets a need, the find brings on a rush which encourages me to keep searching.

As a kid, we'd pray before going garage saling.  Maybe it was new shoes or jeans, a church dress or tools.  Whatever my family was in need of, we'd ask God to provide it at the price we could afford.  Nearly every time, we'd come home with exactly those things.  It was a vivid display of God's provision

Use what you discovered and upcycle/repurpose it.

Chalk paint is a gift to DIYer's.  So is a hot glue gun.  Sites like Craigslist and Pinterest have made the repurposing world explode.  Prices at thrift stores have gone up and it's now trendy to shop resale.

We need to do this in life too.  Make lemonade and all that.  Granted, God does this for us.  But we have to be willing to allow and then accept that He will put together the broken pieces of our life and make it a mosaic that tells our unique story.  

He can take a chapter from our life that seems like a mistake or when we feel all cracked and bruised by situations and bring new life and purpose to us.

Approaching life like a trip to Goodwill will take the pressure off of you.  It can bring more joy and a better balance to your world.

Remember - God-will.