Non-DIY Remodel Tips

In this day of DIYing, there are three kinds of people…

  • Those who are amazing at it.

  • Those who can’t do it.

  • Those who financially can pay for someone else to do it!

I have fallen into all three categories.  Some projects I’ve tackled and it’s been a major win.  Other’s, a total failure or not within my ability.  (Like my kitchen backsplash.  Uhm, yeah, glad my husband tapped in for the save!)  And then…we’ve paid someone else to do large or overwhelming projects.

Here, I’d like to give you some tips I’ve learned after completely or partially remodeling four homes and consulting on several others.  These are tips for those choosing to NOT DIY.  *winks*

  • Get at least three quotes.

  • Contractors are usually more expensive then hiring your own installers.

  • Hiring your own installers means you're the contractor and will handle scheduling, quality, etc.

  • Budget about 10% more for hidden costs.

  • Coffee, water, sodas and snacks laid out daily are a huge plus for the workers.

  • Be very clear and specific with what you want.

  • Print off “inspiration” photos for the guys actually doing the work.

  • Be a hawk, casually check the work a few times a day.

  • Always have someone there to make decisions and answer questions.

  • Don’t be afraid to make them redo if something is dead wrong or you hate it.

  • Construction grade blue tape takes the finish off wood floors.

  • Power and water may be turned off periodically, ask and plan ahead.

  • It always takes longer than they thought.

  • There are unexpected issues along the way, relax.

  • You will have forgotten something.

  • Have everything purchased and ready to go before the project begins.

  • You’ll probably change your mind about something.

  • Heavy brown paper taped down saves your floors, they should do it for you.

  • You’ll have to dust your whole house at least three times.

  • Be nice.

  • Your life will be turned upside down – but it’s worth it.

I wish you all the best during your remodeling experience!  

non diy remodel tips.jpg