When Life Is Not As Expected

Out of a job for the second time in two years, I found myself thinking, “Why?”  My husband has been faithful.  He’s honest.  He’s hardworking.  He’s excellent at his job, top of his field!  Why is this happening to us again?  What did we do wrong?  This job seemed like such an answer to prayer at the time, why is it being taken away from us?  We were finally getting back on our feet!

It’s human nature to ask why.  Kiddos do it ALL THE TIME – over and over again until as a mom, ya wanna lose your mind. 

Naturally, people are curious about things. – just ask Eve.  We are thinkers, inventors, creators - so when something we don’t understand is happening to us or around us, the knee jerk reaction is, “Why?” and then we proceed to find an answer.

Unfortunately, in life, we don’t always find the “Why.”  Sometimes, the “Why” is part of a bigger picture, a story being played out and our scene is only a fraction of the whole thing.

Part of the “Why” is wondering where God is.  Has he abandoned us?  Is He ignoring us?  Are we being tested?  Is this a consequence of a choice?

Living through my fair share of unexpected twists and turns in the process of being alive, I am learning that instead of allowing myself to dwell on the negative side of the question, “Why God?” to spin it to the positive, “Where’s God?

More often than not, only after the trial has past do we see God’s hand.  But I challenge you to start looking now, in the middle of the questions, pain and uncertainty to look for how the Lord IS caring for you in the following ways.

·      Provision

·      Protection

·      Preparation

God WILL provide – it doesn’t always come in the means you asked for, but His provision is being extended to you.  Have faith.  See the little things, they're there, part of the bigger picture.

Even when the world seems to be falling apart around you, God’s got you.  Things bad happen to us or those we love and it seems there’s no possible way God is protecting anyone.  But He is.  In my experience, something bad happens and then God worked his Sovereignty and used that bad to protect me/my family from something incredibly worse.  Only Jesus can redeem what was meant for evil.

At the end of the experience or trial, we can see how we were being prepared for what comes next.  We can help others who are suffering.  We can stand assuredly knowing that God did what was good for us.