Christian Leadership

Charismatic.  Energy  Goals.  Vibrant.  Strong.

These are words that come to mind when the term leadership is tossed around.  Hundreds of books, blogs and blurbs have been penned on the topic of how to be leader.  Now it's my turn.  *winks*

Through the years, I have observed and experienced many amazing Christian ministry leaders.  Unfortunately, there were also those leaders who were in positions for the wrong reasons and those who's behavior was anything but Godly.

Below are some of my observations.

What a Christian Leader Should Do:


As a leader in ministry, you are not there to be doted on.  You should be looking for ways to meet needs in the lives of your staff/volunteers. Take a meal or drop flowers by someone who's ill.  Pray privately with families.  Send texts/emails individually asking if there is anything you or the church can do for them - then follow through.  If you see a toilet that needs attention before service - scrub it.  If the foyer needs sweeping - sweep it.  When the bushes need trimmed - get sweaty.  When everything needs taken down after VBS - work.

Please, don't just watch or "manage" - be a servant to those who are serving and serve with those who are serving. 

Get Dirty

Ministry can get dirty and  Messy family situations.  Gossip.  Abuse.  Sin.  Or, maybe it's that kid who got sick in the bathroom or the tree that fell over in the parking lot.  Don't just pawn off work - get dirty!  Get gritty - whatever kind of mess.  Live the example.

Advance Jesus

I shouldn't have to remind you that ministry is about Jesus, but unfortunately it's the easiest thing to forget.  Ask yourself in every counseling session, every class, every sermon, every activity - "Where is Jesus?  How does this point to Jesus?"

Be Transparent

Being delicate, sensitive, private I get it, and that's ok.  But people need to relate to someone, they don't want to follow a saint. Ministry leaders who are haughty and exude perfection are faking it or lying.  

See Others' Strengths

A true leader can find the strength in others and help them polish that skill by giving them guidance and the ability to use it!  Remember, it's not about you it's about Jesus - you're not in competition.   So, who cares if your volunteer/coworker can speak better, sing better, organize events better or write better than you.  Allow them the blessing and gift of using their talents to further Christ's kingdom. And get excited for them!

Reasons NOT to be in Christian Leadership

  • You are Special or Holy
  • You need Praise or the Lime Light
  • To Get Your Way
  • To Make You Feel Good About Yourself
  • You Have So Much Wisdom/Experience to Empart
  • Demand for Perfection - "They're not doing it right."

Why are you in church leadership?  Have you ever been honest with yourself?  What's your true motive?  Pray over this list.  Ask God to reveal the secrets in your heart.

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