Birthday Bash Blues

Birthday Bash Blues

Am I the only mom who has a rough time with birthday parties?  When I'm invited to a kid's birthday party where I don't know anyone else who'll be there, I get a knot in my stomach.  My husband knows I don't really want to go, and it drives him crazy.  My kid is excited about the party, not knowing Mom is hoping and praying something important comes up giving me a reason to bail.

Perhaps it's my introvertedness or Myer's Briggs personality, but social situations with strangers makes me uncomfortable and awkward.  Cake and ice cream are a true reward for achievement lemme tell ya.  

Here's a tip...

If you notice a lady standing at the edge of the group, by herself on the couch or yes, even playing on her to her! Maybe she's like me. Maybe she's feeling scared, out of place and ready to run. Maybe she loves her kid, and the hosts enough to force herself into this position.  Maybe you'll find a new friend.  Or maybe you'll just bring relief and kindness to a fellow momma for a moment.  

For the ones like me - it's ok.  You're normal.  Keep trying.  Breathe.  No one is judging you.  I'm proud of you!

Aaaaand...Birthday Party Blurb (No extra charge.)

After hosting and attending dozens of events, this is something dear to me.  Help the hostess.

Offer to bring chips or grab ice on the way.  Get there early to set up.  Stay and sweep the floors.  Clean up her bathroom when everyone leaves. Empty the trash, and put in a new bag.  Pick up after your child.  Find something you can do to assist the host family.

They are working hard, spending money and opening their's a sign of gratefulness and courtesy to make an effort.  

Some of the best relational times you'll have are when most everyone is gone, and you're wiping up spilled soda and melted ice cream.