The Future is....Female?

For over one hundred years women in America have been fighting for equality.  Strong, brave women helped pave the way for us to vote.  Gallant women endured much in the work place making it a safer place.  I say, “Thank you,” to each of them, “Thank you.” Their sacrifices and courage have given women rights to their own bodies, lives and futures.

Unfortunately, I’m seeing a shift.  The pendulum has swung to the other side.  What used to be an unbalanced, male dominate/dictated society has turn to, “The Future is Female,” as a slogan for little girl’s t-shirts, or I’ve even seen, “The World Belongs to Women.”  And there are more one-liners out there elevating women over men.

In my husband’s field - women’s only conferences and organizations have started. Again, this is marvelous for women to support one another in their industry - but if he were to start a men’s only conference or non-profit, he’d be run out of town on a rail!

Why is it ok for us to promote females over males, when everyone else is shouting for equality?  All religions should have equal rights.  All lifestyle choices should have equal rights.  All genders should have equal rights…if you’re female or transgender. 

Reality?  God created PEOPLE.  Adam and Eve were male AND female.  God in His wisdom knew that male AND female needed to exist.  He doesn’t care if you’re male or female He cares about your heart.  We are all equals. 

Show me in the Bible where it says girls are better than boys, or boys are better than girls?  It’s simply not there.  But yet, we are teaching our girls that they are stronger and smarter than boys, we can beat them on the football field and in the courtroom.

Women are be strong, capable, intelligent, leaders and trailblazers.  But ladies….those same traits apply to men.

Instead of making this a male/female competition, how about teaching our children to find their own, individual gifts and callings and embrace them?  Your son might be insanely gifted at art, while your daughter is athletic.  That’s awesome!  Guide, counsel and help them along that path.

We’ve made this whole feminist thing into a male squashing thing.  That’s not at the heart of true feminism.  Feminist radicals have taken things too far.  Study where feminism started, they just wanted to be recognized as being equal to men not better than men. 

Male and female have their own physical sets of strengths and limitations.  Male and female have their own emotional sets of strengths and limitations.   Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus, ya know?

This doesn’t make one better than the other.  It’s like, “I’m from LA he’s from New York.”  We are both from the United States of America.  We are both Americans.  He’s a man, I’m a women.  We are both humans.  Boom, that’s it. We are equals.

Saying being female is better and more special than being male, is like comparing LA and NYC.  Both have pros and cons.  Both are essential.  Both have their own purpose.

I’m talking to moms here again, raise your boys to be strong, hard-working, capable, God-fearing, Bible reading men – raise your girls to be strong, hard-working, capable, God-fearing, Bible reading women. 

All humans are equal. End of story. But equality goes BOTH WAYS.

A world where men are beaten back, emasculated and subservient to women, alters the ecosystem God put in place for our lives. We are raising a whole generation of boys who will have to lose their masculinity in order to survive in the world.

We should be enjoying the freedoms we as women have today, because of the fight of the women in the past.

When wrong is done, it should be addressed.  If you have been abused, the abuser should have to face the consequences…serious ones.

Fearfully, I look ahead to a day where roles are reversing and women become the aggressors - the need to dominate men is not Biblical. Let me word things in another way, a patriarchal society is not Biblical. A matriarchal society is not Biblical. Men and women are supposed to work together. Our marriages are a team thing. We each have differing God-given responsibility within our own gender and relationship position.

Teach your child to go to God’s word and see what He says specifically to them.

Parents, don’t slam your kids over the head with, “Honor your father and mother…children obey your parents.” Those were verses written to CHILDREN, you’re a parent. Wives, don’t constantly quote, “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church…” that verse was written to HUSBANDS. As a mom, read the passages related to women, wives, parents and all Christians - that’s for YOU. Are you applying it? Are you following God’s instructions?

Instill a love of learning in your babies. A love of finding God’s truth for themselves. All Scripture is valuable and important for us to study and know - but don’t “read someone else’s mail,” and then rub it in.

I caution you from allowing your daughters to hop on this “The Future is Female,” band wagon, don’t raise boys who apologize for being male. Let’s change our culture for right. God has a plan, He made both boys AND girls. There is a perfect balance to be had.

While there are humans living, there will be strife and discontentment and sin but…“The Future is Human,” or better yet, “The Future is Jesus,” would be the best t-shirt slogan of all.