20 Best Educational Gifts For Kids

Here are my recommendations for some of the Best Educational Gifts for Kids. It’s hard to know what to get kiddos for Christmas or their birthday. Is it junk? Does it actually work? Will they like it? What purpose does it serve? We’ve all been there.

As a parent and educator, I’m always on the lookout for things that are fun, yes, but also expand your mind and creativity or allow you to build a new skill. I appreciate it when a toy is able to bring some positive connection time for our family. For example, the set of kid’s knives on my list has allowed sweet moments in the kitchen free of caution for Mom, but full of confidence and learning for my kiddo.

Below I’ve listed twenty things* that my family personally recommends. Meaning, we’ve actually used the items and like them. (And hope you do too.) Happy shopping!

Oh, and remember - time spent, memories made, that’s more important than dollars spent or quantity given. Don’t feel the pressure to out-gift anyone. The best gifts your child can ever receive from you are…

  • Your unconditional love. (Tell them every day, “I love you.”)

  • Your active presence in their life. (Don’t bury yourself in your phone or schedule so tightly there can be no precious moments.)

  • The fact that you introduced them to Jesus. (At home first, but also through church and Christian friends but mostly, your daily example.)

(If you do decide to go with one of my suggestions, post a pic of you and your child playing with it on Facebook or Instagram and tag me - @RebekahJoyBlog or #RebekahJoyBlog.)

*My suggestions are targeted for 3-10 year olds. Amazon is my online store of choice, so I’ve connected you with links that will send you over there.