Part 3: DNA Testing and Unexpected Results - How should Christians respond when it happens to them?

This is Part 3 and the Conclusion of the series, “DNA Testing and Unexpected Results - How should Christians respond when it happens to them?” What does God and the Bible say about processing this new-found NPE (Not Parent Expected) discovery?

Lives are being shattered and rebuilt because of questions being answered.

Frequently, people had a feeling growing up or just never felt like they fit in to the family that raised them. The girl who gave up her child for adoption has often wept and tried to find her baby. The boy who was mistreated by the family who raised him, but couldn’t figure out why everyone else was treated better than him now understands.

Some of the gut feelings or deeply agonized questions are getting answers because of DNA testing. For some, their DNA results literally shatter their lives. But for others, it’s resolution.

Christian Perspective:

On the cross, Jesus declared, “It is finished.” He took all of our pain, shame, abuse, sin and sorrow with Him. He alone has the answers to all of our questions. So much of the pain and suffering inflicted on the human race…is inflicted by the human race. As Christians, we know that we have a choice, daily. “To sin or not to sin, that is the question.”

The Bible is our Guidebook. The do’s and don’t’s are there for a reason.

Rape, incest, child abuse, lying and deceit, spousal abuse, affairs - these are just a few of the things NOT acceptable to God. But as a whole, the church and Christians have turned a blind eye. Now is the time to step up and say enough is enough. Get back to the original intent of God’s word. Not man’s interpretation and twists which serve their own purposes.

There is such intense suffering from the NPE Community because of those things I listed above that are NOT acceptable to God. Sin is anything we do that breaks God’s law. Your choices now do affect your children and grandchildren in the future.


DNA testing is here to stay. Millions upon millions of consumers have already tested. Usually, individuals take a DNA just to discover more about their genetic history. They are completely unsuspecting that when their results come back, their lives will change forever.

God carefully chose the family line for His Son. As I stated, there is an entire book of the Bible devoted to genealogy. The children of Israel kept careful family records and throughout the Scriptures you see people referred to as “son of…” - because…family matters to God!

God is the giver of life. Each life has a purpose.

DNA testing is bringing up the past. - Jesus has redeemed the past, all of it.

DNA testing is changing your present. - Jesus will guide you through these new relationship opportunities. There will be challenges, but His love can shine through how you handle these challenges.

DNA testing has changed our culture’s future. - Your children and grandchildren will have this information at their fingertips - it’s the new normal. Jesus knows - He’s always known. (And guess what? He loves us no matter what we learn about ourselves no matter what secrets we’ve kept.)

How Christians handle DNA surprise situations is vital to our world going forward. God created DNA, after all! Humankind is made in His image.

Let me leave you with a few more key words that may help you navigate your own NPE discovery situations…

  • Love.

  • Forgiveness.

  • Second chances.

  • Hope.

  • Truth.

  • Redemption.

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Rebekah is not a licensed therapist. If you are having thoughts or feelings of suicide, please contact a help line (1-800-273-8255) or immediately speak with your therapist.

This article is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition, it was merely written to give personal observations and opinions.

Rebekah recommends speaking with a licensed, professional counselor after an NPE discovery has affected your life.