Sharpening Iron

We all know the Scripture...

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
— Proverbs 27:17

Happily, we announce that we've been given amazing, Godly, supportive friends who just "get" us.  Those couple of gals who cry with us, talk until we can't talk any more, bring us a double shot frappe or come hang out even when the house is trashed.

This is awesome.  This is needful.  We all need a tribe.  We need friends who accept the toys strewn all over the house and who fold the laundry piled on our couch all while telling us how impressed they are with how together we seem.

But, do you have a friend in your life who knows your flaws, your hiccups, your insecurities, your secret stories?   Do you have a friend who will actually call you out on something?  Do you have the friend who tells you when you've blown it and encourages you to fix it?  Do you have the friend who encourages you in your marriage and who prays you through the ups and downs?  Do you have a friend who'll gently mention that perhaps the way you're talking to your child might not be the best way of handling the situation?  Do you have the friend who can pick up on your spirit and just know when something is off and better yet, they know what it is?

Have you ever seen the real iron sharpening iron process?  It's not a painless!  It's not easy either.  Sparks fly, friction is involved.

Why should we only have close friends that give us the warm and fuzzies and who make us feel good about ourselves?  If God relates friendship to iron sharpening iron, then it would seem that friends might make us uncomfortable when we've sinned, or have bad attitudes or are making unwise choices.  They are there to sharpen us - to help us get rid of spiritual dullness and become a tool wielded for God's truth.  

Ya get the point?  *winks*